Antivirus Pro 2009 and spyware

If you have ever heard of Anti Virus Pro 2009, then I would expect it may be associated with an annoying experience.

The name of this software is completely misleading – this is in fact “malware” or “spyware” which tried to trick you into spending money to fix a problem that it created!

I think this practice is completely immoral, but sadly it generates a huge income for those involved.

Trying to find some kind of analogy, it is like a car mechanic who throws nails all over the road in the hope that you will ask him to replace or fix a tyre.

Anti virus pro 2009 puts an annoying icon near the time on the bottom right hand side popping up with messages telling you that you computer is infected.

Please do not panic if you see this – it should not destroy your computer!

Googling “anti virus 2009” comes up with all sorts of solutions, including manual removal and other products you can buy to remove it!

My suggestions are as follows:

1. (a) First try a system restore and take the system back to before the problem started.
note: your data will be safe perfoming this procedure.

(b) In XP or Vista, just click “Start”, “All programs”, “Accessories”, “System tools” and then “System restore”

(c) Select a date to restore from the calendar that appears.
Give the computer some time to restart and implement the restore (anything from 10-15 mins).

If the problem is still there, it seems that you computer is heavily infected, in which case try the following procedures – which are good to do even in general to keep you computer clean:

2. (a) download and install cc cleaner – run a full cleanup
Link to download in on the Top right hand side
a full scan and cleanup can take 10 – 30 mins
note – you may not want to delete cookies if you have important website data stored

(b) download, install and update spybot search and destroy
Link to download in on the Top right hand side
Run a full scan and clean everything it find (can take 10-30 mins to scan)
The system may require a restart

(c) download, install and update super anti spyware
Link to download in on the Top right hand side
Run a complete scan (not just the quick one) and clean everything it finds (can take upto an hour)
The system may require a restart

(d) if you do not have a reliable anti virus installed, then download AVG
Link to download in on the Top right hand side
Install this, update it and run a full scan (can take upto 3 hours)

(e) Finally, head to C:program files and delete “Antivirus pro 2009” (use Shift+Delete so that it does not go to the recycle bin).
If this does not work, you may need to use control+alt+delete to go to task manager and end tasks for any of these listed below:

c:Program FilesAntivirus 2009av2009.exe
%PROGRAMFILES%Antivirus 2009av2009.exe

If this still doesn’t work, try to delete the folder in safe mode (press F8 during system start-up).

Once the folder is deleted, run cc cleaner again, but this time run a registry cleanup.

Hopefully that should do it!


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