Data Recovery

Recover my files is a nice piece of software that has saved the day twice in the last month.

It helps to recover data that has been deleted and is not in the recycle bin and it helps to recover data from formatted or corrupted disks.

The two examples I experienced in the last month are quite interesting:

1. A corrupted USB memory stick (or “disk on key”) – every time this device was plugged into a computer, a message would appear telling us that the drive was not formatted and asking if we wanted to format it now. Of course we clicked “No” until we tried this software to successfully recover most of the data.

2. If you open a document attachment in Hotmail or Gmail and edit it, simply clicking “save” to your edited version is not good enough! You really need to do a “save as” and then save it to “My documents” on the computer. Otherwise, it will save to some temporary location which will then become deleted when you exit the web browser! The way to recover was to use Recover my files and pointing it to the hidden folder that stores temporary internet files.

In both cases, this software was a savior. PHEW!


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