MSN messenger drives people nuts

I see it so often.

People start the computer and MSN messenger or Windows Live Messenger pops up.

Most people find it irritating and close it immediately.

In many cases, it is not even their own messenger account, but a child or guest that logged in once.

It is easy to stop MSN from starting with windows.

It is also easy to allow it to start, but not to appear on the main screen, but to start “minimised”

It is also easy to allow it to start, but to turn off the “Windows Live Today” web page which generally pops up with messenger as an additional irritation bonus.

All you need to do is maximise the messenger window. Then click “Tools”, “options” and then “general”.

The windows that will appear is show below.

Just untick all the boxes and click “OK” and you will not be bothered by MSN again!

Unticking the second option only will allow MSN to start minimised.

Untick the fourth option to stop “Windows Live Today” from appearing.

Remember that the less programs the computer has to load the faster it will start. So if you hardly use Messenger, just turn it off!

Hope you find this useful!


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