backing up Outlook

Welcome to Computing Matters 8 – backing up Outlook

Republished newsletter from July 2008

Apple Mac update: Recently, I have been working more and more on Macs and am now in a position to support them with skills growing almost daily. For the time being, my newsletters will remain PC focused.

Backing up emails on Outlook is something very few people do correctly, yet it is so crucial.

Outlook is not just a full collection of emails – it also contains valuable contact information, your diary and notes. Other custom features may include custom signatures, custom dictionaries, templates, user settings and preferences.

One easy way to backup the contacts, calendar and notes is with to synchronise with your phone. However, this is not always reliable and does not effectively backup all emails and settings.

The most effective way to backup outlook at no cost (see below) is to use the “Export” function in outlook. To see this procedure, see the bottom of this email. Once you export the outlook information, you can use an online backup like Carbonite (see link below) to effectively “backup the backup”. The biggest problem with this method is that it is not automated.

When it comes to computers, automation is always the most desirable way forward.

The best and easiest solution is to use a third party software specially designed to do the job properly and at scheduled times.

An excellent product to try out is Genie backup manager which can be used to backup Outlook and/or Outlook Express and a number of other things in Windows. (Note that is the past I recommended Outback Plus and if you are using this it is fine).

Genie Backup Manger (Home) is free for a 30-day trial and then purchase it for a one-off fee of approx £35+vat.

If you use carbonite, there is no need to download the disaster recovery option, but please ensure you are making a “remote backup or your backup”! This is the most secure way to avoid disaster.

Good luck backing up Outlook properly – this is REALLY important.

I have seen how painful it is to lose emails, contacts or even Internet Explorer favourites (all the programs above backup the Internet Explorer Favourites).

Once you have successfully backed up Outlook (I suggest doing this at least weekly), you should then effectively back this backup remotely. Try Carbonite for a month for free.

Stages to backing up Outlook manually

(a) Click “File” menu in Outlook,

(b) Select “Export to File”

(c) Click “Import and Export”

(d) Select “Personal Folder File (.pst)”

(e) Choose what you want to backup e.g. click on “Personal Folders” and tick option to “include subfolders” to backup everything

(f) Click “Next” and give the backup an appropriate name e.g. “Outlook backup 15 July 2008” and decide where you want to backup the file to e.g. “C:Outlook backups”

(g) Click “Finish”

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this website are my own.
Feel free to contact me for any professional advice related to you specifically.



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