Boost your Windows PC

Boost your Windows PC – Tip number 2

Turn off or reschedule unnecessary scans

If your computer anti virus is set to scan daily at for example midday, then for two hours or so it will run very sluggishly while every single file on the system is being scanned!

If you consider yourself to be low risk to viruses, then just turn off daily scanning!

So long as your anti virus is still running in the background (and shows and icon near the time on the bottom right hand side), then your computer should have adequate protection.

Otherwise, reschedule the scan for a time when you are not on the computer.

Windows Vista comes with an anti spyware program called “Defender” which is set to scan your computer daily. I personally think that Windows Defender is useless, hardly catching any of difficult spyware and so I always turn it off completely.

To turn off defender in Vista, simply:

click “Start” and type “Defender”
then click on “Windows Defender” at the top
click “Tools” at the top
click “Options”
scroll down to the bottom and look for “Administrator Options”
un-tick “use windows defender”
click “save” and “ok” to any warning

If you decide to turn this off, please scan your computer regularly with a more effective anti-spyware program. For recommendations, see the useful links section.


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