saving money on telephone calls and your broadband connection

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saving money on telephone calls and your broadband connection

Republished newsletter from Aug 2008

I hope you are enjoying the summer! With the summer headlines focusing on credit crunch, I will focus some of my forthcoming newsletters to money saving techniques.

A big way to cut down monthly costs is to look at your broadband and telephone bills. A lot of people are still paying over £25 a month for a home broadband connection. These days, this is too much!

About a year ago, I changed ISP from my old favourite Nildram, to TalkTalk. Two years ago, I would never have recommended such a move to TalkTalk, but I now feel that they are coping well with their service.

It’s all about saving money – approximately £20 per month!

Assuming that you are getting Internet through a BT line, many of you will be paying approximately £15 per month to BT for line rental and approx £25 per month for broadband. That is at least £40 per month for both. TalkTalk offer their equivalent for £16.39 – line rental and broadband all in one bill. They have a second package costing £20.99 a month for line rental + broadband + free calls to landlines in UK and in 36 international destinations day and night. Both these prices are currently discounted!

Have a look at: talktalk

I personally went for the £20.99 per month package and I am very happy, aside from the fact that they broadband is much faster than what I had with very liberal download limits of 40GB per month. Also, my broadband speed increased from 2Mbps to 5Mbps.

So switching to TalkTalk can save you at least £240 a year. It will save even more if you make landlines calls to countries including the UK and most of Europe, USA and Australia. With the Global Anytime package, you can make calls to all these landlines in these countries completely free (limited to 70 minutes a call).

The free call list is limited to 36 countries. Check out the column for the free calls titled “Talk Global Anytime”

TalkTalk also offer all the services that BT offer for a small fee e.g. caller display and 3-way calling. The only downside is services like 1899 and 1815 and 18866 will only work if you use their 0208 access number or you could use 0845 access numbers to call mobiles abroad.

Alternative access numbers to make cheap calls abroad can be found using the following site for a database of access numbers:

Signing up to TalkTalk takes 10 minutes online. You need bank account details and they will do the rest including terminating your existing broadband service. There should be no downtime (except on the day of the switchover when you need to update the username and password on your router) and if you like I will be happy to guide you through the process over the phone. Just send me an email to arrange this.

PS. Another ISP recommended to me is Plusnet.

Best wishes and enjoy cheaper phone calls and cheaper broadband connectivity!



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