The Possible Dangers of WiFi

Welcome to Computing Matters 4 – The Possible Dangers of WiFi

Lately there has been a lot of controversy regarding the safety of WiFi (wireless internet). In particular, a Panorama programme around spring 2007 raised some concerns. As a result, many of my clients have asked for me for my opinion on the matter and the bottom line is that I really do not know whether WiFi is dangerous or not. I don’t think anyone knows for sure.

I have personally felt and understood that WiFi is similar to radio waves which none of us can avoid. I am not certain that is can be compared to the rays emitted from a mobile phone.

Here is an interesting clip which mainly criticises the Panorama programme in question:

Like most of my clients, I personally have WiFi at home, which is constantly on and am presently not concerned about it. However, if I had growing children at home, I may rethink this since children’s skulls are not fully formed. I certainly do feel that a wireless broadband router kept in a bedroom is not sensible.

Indeed, some of my clients do turn of their router at night and I cannot see a problem with that (other than possible damage to the router from constant turning off and on).

One excellent solution to avoid having WiFi at home is to use something called a “Homeplug”. This will transmit broadband through your home or office electricity supply (only works in UK) and will network computers at very fast speeds of up to 200Mbps. In fact homeplug is fantastic for those of you with WiFi “deadspots”.

Have a look at: Zyxel PowerLine HomePlug

This kit will cater for one computer. One will connect to your router and the other will connect to a computer. Any further kits purchased will cater for a further two computers. It can also be used for a network printer.

Whatever you decide to do with WiFi in your own home, it will be difficult escaping WiFi from other neighbours in your street. I am sure more will come to light about this matter in due course – as I am sure will be the case with mobile phones.



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