Archiving 2008 emails

First off, Happy New Year!

My first tip of the year is for those like me that use Microsoft Outlook.
The New Year is a great thing to do is to transfer all your old emails to a different location to keep your outlook file size small and healthy (this is called archiving).

Here is what to do:
1.    Create a new outlook file (known as a pst). Give it a name like “Outlook archive 2008”.

2.    Once you confirm the creation of this pst file, a new folder should appear on the left hand side.

3.    Right click on the new folder and select the option for “New Folder”. Create two new folders called “inbox archive 2008” and “sent items archive 2008”

4.    Ensure all emails in your inbox are sorted in date order.

5.    Select the three month of emails for your 2008 inbox emails. Do this by using the SHIFT key – which will select all emails in between the first email you select and the last. e.g. select first email from 1 January 2008 and then while holding shift, click on an email dated 1 March 2008.

6.    Right click on the selection of emails and drag them all to the new folder you just created called “inbox archive 2008” which will be on the left hand side. Select the move option. Note that this can take some time.

7.    Repeat this procedure for the next three months of emails and so on. You may want to leave the last three months of you 2008 emails in your inbox for ease of reference. Also do the same for 2008 sent emails.

8.    Finally it is essential to compact the original Outlook pst. In Outlook, right click on “Personal Folders” on the left hand side of the screen, then click on “properties”, then “advanced” and finally click on “compact now” (note that this could take a few hours but you can always stop and start another time).

This should keep your outlook pst file smaller in size, healthier and easier to backup!

Happy archiving!


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