How do I use a USB memory stick?

Q: How do i use a USB memory stick? (also called a disk on key)

A: If you ever used a floppy disk, USB sticks work in a very similar fashion with a few minor differences:

(a) A USB stick has far more capacity than a floppy,
(b) A USB  stick is more reliable and easier to carry around,
(c) A USB stick will never be the “a” drive like a floppy. Instead it will be a “d”, “e”, “f”, “g”, “h” or even “i” drive etc. depending on how many other drives you have.

Simply plug in the USB stick in to a USB port in your desktop or laptop and then wait until the device has self-installed (this can take a minute or two the first time you use the device in that particular USB port).

Then click on “My Computer”  and you will see a new drive appear (usually this will be “e” or “f”).

You will be able to save files to this new drive just like you did back in the days of the floppy (which was the “a” drive).


One Response to “How do I use a USB memory stick?”

  1. David C Says:

    Hi Gaby,

    still not clear as those of us who did not use a floppy disc, or know how to save files, etc. will not, from the above, know what to do, or what to press. .
    Or is it really as easy as you suggest?!


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