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Outlook Express help

18 March 2009

here is a great site for any technical questions relating to Outlook Express:

Example question and answer from this site FAQ:

How do I import a single mail folder (*.dbx)?

Create a new folder in Outlook Express named “temp”. Copy any message into the new Temp folder. Close OE and rename “Temp.dbx” in your OE store folder. Now copy the *.dbx to be imported into the store folder and rename it to “Temp.dbx”. Open OE and rename the Temp folder if desired.


MAC annoyance – sorting out files in finder

10 March 2009

A client who recently purchased a Mac wanted to sort out files ALPHABETICALLY in the“Documents” folder using list format.

The root of his “Documents” folder contained both FOLDERS  and then FILES.

All he wanted to do was to see the FOLDERS in alphabetical format followed by the FILES in an independent alphabetical order.

This is simple on a PC and just how he worked in the past before moving to a Mac.

THIS NOT POSSIBLE in OS X! – you can sort in alphabetical order for both files and folders COMBINED, you can sort by date, or you can only sort by kind, which will put adobe acrobat files at the top and folders half way down the list.

I called Apple support to discuss further and the “mac guy” was stumped by what we wanted to do (this really surprised me).

The solution I came up with (which “mac guy” said was neat) was to create a folder called “ZZZ Misc” and put all files in the root of “Documents” into this folder. The misc files will then be sorted within this folder and the root of “Documents” will just be a list of alphabetically sorted folders.

Outlook data file problems

10 March 2009

Q: Hi – when I opened outlook today it told me that outlook — a data file — didn’t close properly last time

A: Sometimes, after you exit outlook, it can take 2 further minutes for it to completely shut down and only then you can shutdown the computer.

Weaning off AOL

10 March 2009

For those looking to wean off AOL, a good step is to move to Gmail.

It keeps mails online and will also check your AOL incoming mail.

You can set up to five email accounts in Gmail under “Settings”, “Accounts nd Import” and then click on “Add POP 3 email account”. All you need is the email address and password (and is some cases, the incoming mail server).

Using IMAP within outlook, you can also import all your emails into the Gmail account by dragging them from one mailbox to another.

Cloning a MAC hard disk with SuperDuper!

10 March 2009

I can never cease to stress how important backups are.

In addition to backing up data, it is a good idea to clone the hard disk once in a while to avoid having to reinstall the operating system and software.

All you need is an external drive like this and a software like SuperDuper!

SuperDuper! is free, but only $30 if you want to automate the backups.

This software is also required if you want to upgrade your internal MAC hard disk.

For Macbook had drives, many internal 2.5 inch drives are compatible BUT you must ensure you buy one that is LESS THAN 10.5mm (most are 12.5mm which is too big for a Macbook).

TFL London Travel Planner

10 March 2009

Here is a great site to plan a journey in London

It gives door-to-door directions across London and a free downloadable map.

Whether you are planning to travel to your destination by rail, underground, bus, coach, river or by bike, Journey Planner helps you find your way there.

Carbonite – new feature and price increase announced

10 March 2009

Here is an email I just received from Carbonite:

Remote File Access
Beginning March 16th 2009, all Carbonite Online Backup customers will be able to access their backup from any computer with an internet connection using our new remote file access feature. This feature adds a layer of convenience by allowing your customers to securely retrieve single files from the website.

Price Increase

In the past year we’ve greatly improved the value of the Carbonite product, by adding several new features including a searchable restore drive. Therefore, with the addition of remote file access, we will be increasing the price of our service. On March 16th,
We’ve provided an overview of the new prices below:
•    1 year: $49.95 -> $54.95
•    2 year: $89.95 -> $99.95
•    3 year: $134.95 -> $129.95 (best value)

Carbonite for Mac
Announcing Carbonite Online Backup for Mac! Carbonite for Mac is the simple, reliable and affordable backup solution for Mac users. Your customers will enjoy unlimited backup space for only $54.95/year. And unlike other backup methods, with Carbonite for Mac you just “set it and forget it.” The Carbonite application runs quietly and unobtrusively in the background, automatically backing up your important emails, documents, photos and other files.
Although Carbonite for Mac is currently available, the product is in a soft launch and is only being advertised on the homepage. On March 16th, we will officially launch Carbonite for Mac with outbound advertising including updated landing pages.

Windows mobile device center opens a window for windows\system32

7 March 2009

For the last year, whenever I connected or disconnected my Windows Mobile phone in Vista  then windows would open c:\Windows\System32\ for no reason.

Here is the solution:
All you have to do is delete a registry value under the following keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\AutoStartOnConnect]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\AutoStartOnDisconnect]

Comparing UK supermarkets

3 March 2009

Recently I had an idea for a business to compare prices for your shopping between supermakets.

And of course it exists! Check out My Supermaket and if you already shop online, this could save some serious money!