MAC annoyance – sorting out files in finder

A client who recently purchased a Mac wanted to sort out files ALPHABETICALLY in the“Documents” folder using list format.

The root of his “Documents” folder contained both FOLDERS  and then FILES.

All he wanted to do was to see the FOLDERS in alphabetical format followed by the FILES in an independent alphabetical order.

This is simple on a PC and just how he worked in the past before moving to a Mac.

THIS NOT POSSIBLE in OS X! – you can sort in alphabetical order for both files and folders COMBINED, you can sort by date, or you can only sort by kind, which will put adobe acrobat files at the top and folders half way down the list.

I called Apple support to discuss further and the “mac guy” was stumped by what we wanted to do (this really surprised me).

The solution I came up with (which “mac guy” said was neat) was to create a folder called “ZZZ Misc” and put all files in the root of “Documents” into this folder. The misc files will then be sorted within this folder and the root of “Documents” will just be a list of alphabetically sorted folders.


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