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Moving from MAC to PC

28 April 2009

After 6 months of trying a mac, a good client of mine decided to move back to PC.

The main reasons for leaving Mac where:

1. Lack of support for Hebrew language within Entourage.
2. Blackberry sync kept duplicating contacts and diary entries until it failed to sync.
3. Entourage frequently had to scan the database before it would start.
4. The need to run certain PC software not available for MAC (that would also not work within a PC emulator).

Moving documents from Mac to PC is simple – although you need to use a fat32 flash drive or external hard disk (macs do not recognise NTFS formatted drives).

Moving emails from Entourage to Outlook is ticker.  Firstly, read this article.  You need to export all the emails by dragging them to the MAC desktop and then copying them to your flash drive. Then to import them to Outlook Express, you need to use this software – Mbox2eml. Finally, you can import the Outlook Express emails when in outlook.

Moving contacts involves an export to CSV file. Then copy the CSV file to a flash disk and copy to windows. Open the CSV (which will be in .txt format) in excel and save it as a CSV. Fianlly import to Outlook but you must check and correct the mapping – for example, while Entourage calls it “Work phone” Outlook will call is “Business phone” etc.

For diary, it is easiest to export the diary from Entourage to ical as an ics file. This ics file can then easily be imported to Outlook.


Running a PC on a Mac

28 April 2009

To run a PC within a mac, you can try emulators like VMware Fusion or Parallels.

If you have an Intel based Mac, you can also run a complete PC on it using boot camp. To do this, click on spotlight (top right) and type “Boot camp”.

You will need have a licensed CD of Windows XP or Windows Vista.

If you run Boot Camp, you will be able to switch between being a PC and being a mac by holding the “option” key during start up (when the screen is white).

Other useful Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts can be seen here.

How to replace a key that came out of your laptop keyboard

28 April 2009

Replacing a key from a laptop keyboard can be a little tricky, but as long as the parts have not been broken, it should be possible.

The best way to proceed is to gently lift the top part of the neigbouring key and copy exactly what you see.

The trick is to assemble the lower plastic in place before snapping the key on top. In some unusual cases, a small screw driver might come in handy to straighten the metal hooks on the keyboard base.

Here you will find a very useful web link with photos on how to replace the key.  Good luck and be patient!

AVG version 8.5

1 April 2009

AVG have release version 8.5 now and is available from here:

Just click link on the top right to download the latest version.

Run the reinstall and select repair option to upgrade.

Home users do not need to purchase a licence.