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Windows 7

20 July 2009

Amazon have started to pre-sell Windows 7 at a discounted price until 7 August 2009 (while stocks last)

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional E

Prices are expected to rise after the products are released and another price rise is expected after 1 Jan 2010.


Upgrading Sony Vaio SZ hard drive

9 July 2009

Most laptop hard drives are easy to remove.

Thin Sony Vaio’s do not fall in to that category! In the SZ series, they store the hard disk under the keyboard.

This article is very useful to assist with such a quest:

Windows XP compatibility mode

9 July 2009

Recently I had to run some old Windows XP software on a vista machine.

Trying the install did not work properly, but it was easily overcome by using the XP compatibility mode that Vista has to offer.


(a) Right click on the icon you use to run the application

(b) Click properties

(c) Click on Compatibility tab

(d) Select the option to Run the program in comaptibility mode for Windows XP

(e) Select option to run program as an administrator

(f) Click Apply

Then try again and hopefully that ancient bit of software will still work!