Spam mail – no free prizes!!!

Getting emails promising you free money or laptops is a regular occurrence these days – but do you ever see the free prize? mostly not.

The only people benefiting from these emails are spammers – eventually after a large number of forwarding, a spammer will receive an email with anything from 100-1000 email addresses – this is worth a lot of money to them!

An thanks to your friend who sent you the email out of consideration that they and you might win a laptop, the only freebie you will receive is more junk mai.

So next time you are sent an email about a free Ericsson R320 laptop or some money from Bill Gates, do not forward this on to eight people or eighty people. First use Google to check if the email is genuine and most times you will see it to be reported as a hoax.

Some site that specialise in hoax emails are:


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