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Windows 7 – no stock and shares gadget

11 November 2009

Well Windows 7 is here and I am finally testing it.

First thing I noticed was missing is the shares gadget that I had in Vista.

The best replacement I can find is Stock Board which is probably a better gadget but harder to find symbols since you need to refer to Yahoo Finance for all symbols rather than offering a search facility.


Synchronise Entourage address book with Mac address book

3 November 2009

Entourage 2008 and later versions of Entourage 2004 support synchronisation between the mac address book and Entourage address book.

This is a very useful feature and can be activated by:


1. Go to Preferences in Entourage

2. Click Sync Services

3. Tick the top option “Synchronize contacts with Address Book and Mobile Me”

Imac function keys

3 November 2009

An Imac offers various controls like:

Fn+F10 = mute, Fn+F11 = Vol down and Fn+F12= Vol up


If you want to turn these features to work without having to press Fn key, go to:

System Preferences

Keyboard & Mouse

Untick option to “use allF1,F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” (bottom option)