32 bit versus 64 bit

Up until the release of Windows 7 in November 2009, most versions on Windows were 32-bit versions. This is now changing – 64-bit architecture is now becoming the common standard and that is a good thing.

64-bit can support more memory than 32 bit (which is typically limited to just 4 gigabytes of memory) – this is crucial since more computers of the future will roll-out with more memory. Also, 64-bit (given the right software) can perform more operations at the same time.

Although 64-bit computers could have been released more commonly with Windows XP, a lot of software did not support 64-bit so it was not practical. Fortunately this has changed and most popular software and devices (such as printers) will now support 64-bit. With the advent of Windows 7, a large number of computer / laptop manufacturers decided to roll out models with 64-bit and I generally recommend you try to go for this unless you are running some very bespoke software that will not support it.


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