Speed up your Laptop / PC

Here are some quick tips to improving the speed of your computer:

1. Check disk space available

Click on Start (bottom left) and then “Computer” or “My Computer”
Click on C drive and see how much space is reported to be free
If you have less than 10 gigabytes free, it is already getting quite low. You will either need to delete stuff (see point 2 first) or upgrade the hard disk.

2. Run CC Cleaner


CC Cleaner will delete all temporary files on the system and can also perform a registry clean-up. Be careful what you choice to delete – you may not want to delete all your browser cache. This program will also help you monitor all the start-up programs and disable any that are not really needed.

3. Add more memory (RAM = random access memory)

Visit crucial memory (link at the bottom) and run a free online scan – if you have 1 Gigabyte or less in your computer it is probably worth upgrading to 2 or 3 or 4 gigabytes of RAM.

4. Run an external application like Reg Mechanic (see link near top)

I am usually wary about these types of applications but reg mechanic does seem to work well. It has a more thorough registry cleaner that cc cleaner and it can defragment the registry. It can also change the services your computer uses to optimal and minimal. This does cost £29.95 but with discount code Friedman15 the cost goes down to £25.46.

5. Run a disk defrag program once a month

My current favourite is defraggler.

It can take a few hours to run, so best to do this over night. If a computer has more than 10% defragmentation, it is worth running this.

6. Keep your computer virus and spyware free.

Although there is a direct trade-off between additional protection and speed (i.e. the more protection there is running in the background, the slower the computer is), having an infection can be a lot worse.

Anti virus

AVG is free – Antivir is free and Avast is free


Spyware doctor (see link on RHS) is  £29.95 per year, although it drops to £25.46 with discount code friedman15  and you can purchase registry mechanic for with it for an additional £19.95


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