Recently I noticed people trying to send MASSIVE attachments by email.

When I say massive, I mean 200 Megabyte emails!

On a normal broadband line, such an email would take hours to get sent and then inevitably will bounce back since the recipient mailbox will not accept it!

Anything above 10 megabytes in an email is pretty large. Some mailboxes will not be able to cope and it already clogs up both yours and the recipients’ email program for an unfair amount of time.

With photos, people have been using various photo sites like Kodak and social networking sites like Facebook to upload their photos and then share them. All you do is email the link and then they click it to view – this completely avoids clogging up emails with large attachments.

Another option it a service called yousendit which I have been recommending lately: – it is free to use for single attachments – you simply upload the file and it will generate a link (which is valid for 7 days) in an email to your recipient.

The advantages are:
1. Less clogging up in your sent items and in the recipient in box.
2. It won’t bounce if it is too large.
3. More user friendly to recipient who can download when they want to.

The main disadvantages I can think of: it might require some knowledge on the part of the recipient to know how to download from a link – but it if this is the case, it would not hurt to learn a new skill!


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