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IPAD – sync word documents

26 July 2010

For those with IPAD’s who want to have their word documents available, I recommend the Office Squared HD Application

This will easily transfer office documents to the IPAD and also give you access to documents in the “Cloud” such as Google Docs or Drop Box.


Mac Mail with IMAP – using sent folder in the “cloud”

26 July 2010

In Mac Mail, if you want to use the “Cloud” Sent mailbox, simply click on “Mailbox” followed by “Use This Mailbox For …” and then select the appropriate mailbox e.g. Sent

This will then synchronize your sent items in Mac Mail with your other devices.

Unread messages on blackberry

24 July 2010

Here is what to do to get rid of the unread message indicator on a Blackberry.

In Messages, highlight the date and click “mark prior opened.”

If that doesn’t do it then you likely have saved messages as posted about above. While in Messages click the trackwheel and select “View Folder”. Then check the saved messages folder. You can do the “mark prior opened” in there too if there are a bunch of messages there. Also in that same View folder menu check “Missed calls” and “Phone call Log” folders and do the same “mark prior opened.” If you like you can do a “delete Prior” as well.

Thanks to John Clark for this one.

Electricity abroad

21 July 2010

For those traveling abroad this summer, this could be a very useful site to visit: