The Amazon Kindle- the latest generation

In my opinion, the most impressive thin about the IPAD is that it has a great screen and it wonderful to read on. For those thinking about buying it, I would personally recommend waiting till the next generation that may hopefully support flash and USB.

In the meantime, if you are a keen reader, it may be time to consider the new Amazon Kindle which will be released on 27 August for just £109.

The main features adevertised are:

It is supposed to be much clearer to read (in greyscale and designed to look like paper)

It has built-in wifi so that you can download a book in a minute, download the newspapers  daily, browse wikipedia

Built in dictionary – easy to look up a work while you are reading

Voice Guide – it can read to you if you don’t want to read

Over 400,000 books available and quite a lot of free content

PDF reader and open any office document

No glare in sunlight

It is also extremely light and has an amazing battery life of up to one month

If you want to experience kindle you can also download their free apps for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and IPad


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