Alternative to Windows Live Sync – DropBox and Sugarsync

Windows Live Sync was an excellent and completely free tool that could synchornise documents between computers.

Sadly on 31 March 2011, Microsoft will be stopping this service.

They have already launched Windows Live Mesh to replace it. This release has been a massive disappointment. Live mesh does not support Windows XP, has serious effects on computer speeds and is susceptible to crashing.

Fortunately, there are alternatives out there. The two that have interested me the most are: Dropbox and SugarSync

There are lots of different articles reviewing the two and different sites select different winners (see links below). Both synchronise and backup multiple version of files across computers (PC and Mac) and allow access on mobile phones/IPAD’s.

In summary:

Dropbox is far simpler to use, integrated into Windows/Mac and reportedly faster. The biggest advantage is it’s simplicity.

SugarSync is more sophisticated, more features and cheaper. The biggest advantage from my perspective is, Like Live Mesh, it can support folders in any location.

If you are happy to store your files in one location, I would personally recommend Dropbox.
If you need to syncronise files in various locations then go for SugarSync.

You can (as I do) use both, but this will reduce computer performance.

Various reviews of both:



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