Privacy on Facebook

Let’s face it – Facebook is not private.

Once you are on Facebook, you are exposing yourself throughout the Internet. But you can control it.

I’ve read stories about people losing jobs as a result of activity on Facebook.

Here is what can be done under Facebook privacy settings:

It is possible to control who sees what by categorising friends.
It is possible to stop people tagging you on.
It is possible to remove yourself from Facebook search (useful for celeb’s)
It is possible to turn off all those Apps!

There is plenty more, and here is an excellent well written article to read about this subject.

Furthermore, Facebook has a privacy setting called “Instant Personalization” which recently came into effect. It shares your data with non-Facebook sites and is automatically set to “Enabled.”
Go to Account>Privacy Settings>Apps & Websites>Instant Personalization>edit settings & un-tick the box at the very bottom of the page marked “Enable.”



2 Responses to “Privacy on Facebook”

  1. evya l-h Says:

    how can i share this article on facebook?

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