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Google Cloud Print

13 March 2011

Latest versions of Google Chrome now offer “Google Cloud Print”.

Go to options, and the “Under the Hood”. Right at the bottom you can enable Google Cloud Print.

This allows you to add printers that then become available to you over the cloud through any device that has google.

e.g. you can print off a page in Chrome while in the office and it will appear at home (providing computer at home is on)

This also applies to gmail and google docs

From mobile phones you can print using print option on the top right hand corner

For more information, see this article.


Firefox Sync and Google Sync

13 March 2011

The latest version of Firefox 4 RC1 offers Sync option under Options.

The sync works very well.

These days many of us use more than one computer and this allows you to reach your bookmarks, history, saved passwords, preferences and TABS on multiple computers/

Google Chrome also offers a similar feature within Options, Personal Stuff, Sync

Laptop Theft – data compromised and logmein to the rescue

13 March 2011

Recently a client experienced a laptop theft from their home.

This last happened to a client in 2008 when i wrote this blog article – once again, the theft was from home.

One other theft that I never wrote about was for a client who was traveling in Italy in a rented car. Somehow, the thieves managed to puncture the tyre and stole his bags from the boot while he was trying to deal with the punture.

In the the March 2011, the laptop in question was not password protected. However it was fully backed up with Carbonite (link on RHS).

What was a concern was the family photos and emails.

Fortunately we had logmein installed.

My colleagues and I monitored the logs to see if anyone would connect….

three days after the theft we got an IP address which was reported to the police

36 hours later and we saw the computer online. My colleague connected and monitored what the laptop was being used for.

During three hours of monitoring, we got screen shots which included:

1. a photograph of the user and family members on facebook

2. a full name and date of birth

3. two email addresses

4. various conversations

5. the language that the user spoke

6. We confirmed that the IP address was the same as 36 hours prior

All this information was obtained by watching and without any intervention. The data was passed on to the police.

Once the user stopped using the computer, we had a few minutes available to react. In juts five minutes my colleague:

1. Locked the keyboard with logmein

2. Created a user password for the Vista system

3. Deleted photos, emails and documents

4. Uninstalled Carbonite

5. Locked out the computer

This was a great result – it meant that the data was gone and that the laptop would most probably have to be completely wiped for it to be used again!



Favourite antispyware tools – March 2011

13 March 2011

As for March 2011, my current favorite anti spyware tools are:

1. Spyware Doctor from PC Tools (click link on RHS)

Use discount code friedman15 for 15% off

If you are VAT registered, add the VAT registration code to remove the VAT charges

I do not recommend auto-renew in case something better comes along, but I do recommend the two year license which covers three computers

Remember that with increased protection there is usually a trade-off with speed. If the computer becomes too slow then turn off inteliguard

Also recommend setting “Auto Fix” when scanning

2. Malwarebytes Antimalware

Very effective in removing spyware infections – in particular in safe mode.

The paid version will automatically update and scan.

Edit custom dictionary in Firefox

13 March 2011

I just added a word to the custom dictionary in Firefox and then realised that I added a misspelling!

Thanks to this blog article I managed to edit the custom dictionary.

The location in Windows 7 is


Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\ApplicationData\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[unique-alphanumeric-string].default\persdict.dat

Mac OS X

~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/[unique-alphanumeric-string].default/persdict.dat

Turn off automatic IPAD backups and location of IPAD backups

13 March 2011

One of my biggest issues with Apple relates to backup of their portable devices.

Itunes will backup an IPAD or Iphone, but it will limit the backup to as little as just two backups. That can be a nightmare if you need to restore from a backup.

If you need to retrieve data and your portable device is set to backup and synchronise automatically, then when you connect, you could lose the valuable backup that you need!!!

My recommendation is to TURN OFF automatic synchronisation and backup but please remember to regularly backup and synchronise manually.

In Windows, here is how to turn off automatic backups:

1. Without having IPAD or Iphone connected, go to Itunes (latest version at time of writing is

2. Go to Edit, Preferences, Devices (On a Mac, go to itunes menu, preferences, devices)

3. On Device tab, on the lower part you will see a tick option “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.”

4. Un-tick this option

The other advantage of doing this is that it cuts down on lengthy time Itunes becomes unavailable when you connect  device to the computer.

It gives you control to device when to sync and backup, but please remember to do this often.

Furthermore, it might be sensible to start backing up the IPAD / Iphone backups!

The location of these backups are:

Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

Windows Vista & Windows 7
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

Mac OS X
~(home directory)/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

Sharing a set of contacts with other people

13 March 2011

Sharing a set of contacts with other people

I wanted to share a specific set of contacts on my phone and Outlook with my employees.

This is possible with a dedicated Exchange account for the contacts.

Create a new exchange account e.g.

Outlook 2010 will let you open more than one exchange account.

Iphones  and Android phones (together with a third party mail application like Enhanced Email) also support multiple Exchange accounts, the specific account can just be added to the phone!

Mail stuck in Outlook Outbox

13 March 2011

“My emails are not being sent. They are stuck in the outbox but incoming mail works fine”

I gets calls about this a few times a year.

The first thing to do is check the your computer still has internet access – can you do a Google search?

Typically, the Internet is fine and mails are coming in.

In this case, it is often a large email that got stuck in the outbox.

Here is what to do:

1. In Outlook 2003 / 2007 click File and then “Work Offline”. In Outlook 2010, click “Send / Receive” and then “Work Offline” (far right).

2. Click on the Outbox.

3. Drag all mails in Outbox into the Drafts folder.

4. Go back to the “Work Offline” option and click it to take Outlook back online.

5. Click on “Drafts” and double click on each individual email to send them. Any large ones should not be sent.

This should get your outgoing mails out.

In future, try to avoid sending emails above 4 megabytes. Many email accounts will not accept emails larger than this.

Solutions to sending out large mails include You send it and Dropbox (which allows you to create a “Public Link”).