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Blog from an iPad

14 April 2011

So I have finally succumbed to an iPad.

I am writing this blog from the device using the WordPress app.

I purchased the iPad 2 for £399 going for the cheapest model with the lowest amount of memory and without 3G

Why the cheapest model?
I will typically on use this at sites with wifi
And with the ever increasing number of cloud applications such as Dropbox, Sugarsync, Google Apps, Flickr and Spotify, I think that 16GB of storage is ample …it is only really needed to download apps and possibly store some of your iPod music.

I’m not an Apple fanatic, but I am enjoying the iPad. It is proving very useful and portable alternative for emails and web browsing at times when I don’t want to carry a laptop.

The main difference between iPad 1 and 2 are:

1. SPEED – it has a faster processor
2. SIZE – it is much thinner, making the first release look prehistoric!
3. CAMERAS – it has both front and back cameras. Useful for Skype or recording videos.

IPad Gripes
Here are still the things I wish for on the iPad:

1. FLASH SUPPORT – come on Apple, Flash is going to be around for a long while and there are so many sites that we cannot browse on the iPad. Not good.
2. SWYPE please! I would love this app instead of the current keyboard. Having discovered Swype, I no longer enjoy touch typing on touch screens.
3. TASKS – please add support for Exchange Tasks.
4. UNREAD EMAIL – such a basic feature to miss.
5. USB and SD CARD SUPPORT – just a way for Apple to earn more money by selling extras such as camera connecting kits or IPAD’s with more memory.
6. BOOKMARKS SYNC – it only offers a sync of bookmarks with Safari or Internet Explorer and no cloud sync of Favorites.

Overall, if you looking for a decent size but very portable email and web browser, I recommend the iPad.

If you just want an e-reader, get a kindle – it is easier to read (since it is not back-lit), lighter, smaller (so easier to hold for long periods) and lasts 2-4 weeks without requiring a charge.


Syncing bookmarks between browsers

14 April 2011

If you want to sync your browser bookmarks between browsers and between computer, use Xmarks

It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari