Blog from an iPad

So I have finally succumbed to an iPad.

I am writing this blog from the device using the WordPress app.

I purchased the iPad 2 for £399 going for the cheapest model with the lowest amount of memory and without 3G

Why the cheapest model?
I will typically on use this at sites with wifi
And with the ever increasing number of cloud applications such as Dropbox, Sugarsync, Google Apps, Flickr and Spotify, I think that 16GB of storage is ample …it is only really needed to download apps and possibly store some of your iPod music.

I’m not an Apple fanatic, but I am enjoying the iPad. It is proving very useful and portable alternative for emails and web browsing at times when I don’t want to carry a laptop.

The main difference between iPad 1 and 2 are:

1. SPEED – it has a faster processor
2. SIZE – it is much thinner, making the first release look prehistoric!
3. CAMERAS – it has both front and back cameras. Useful for Skype or recording videos.

IPad Gripes
Here are still the things I wish for on the iPad:

1. FLASH SUPPORT – come on Apple, Flash is going to be around for a long while and there are so many sites that we cannot browse on the iPad. Not good.
2. SWYPE please! I would love this app instead of the current keyboard. Having discovered Swype, I no longer enjoy touch typing on touch screens.
3. TASKS – please add support for Exchange Tasks.
4. UNREAD EMAIL – such a basic feature to miss.
5. USB and SD CARD SUPPORT – just a way for Apple to earn more money by selling extras such as camera connecting kits or IPAD’s with more memory.
6. BOOKMARKS SYNC – it only offers a sync of bookmarks with Safari or Internet Explorer and no cloud sync of Favorites.

Overall, if you looking for a decent size but very portable email and web browser, I recommend the iPad.

If you just want an e-reader, get a kindle – it is easier to read (since it is not back-lit), lighter, smaller (so easier to hold for long periods) and lasts 2-4 weeks without requiring a charge.


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