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Recent Skype Scam

31 October 2011

I have recently become aware of a new type of scam, targeting Skype users. The victim would receive a Skype call from a bogus IT help desk account, offering help in dealing with various security threats (virus infection, spyware, malware etc.) These callers also claim that you have a virus.  The caller could ask you to visit to certain websites, or to download malicious software.

There is however a simple Skype setting which could greatly increase your online privacy and protect you against this particular threat. In the Skype main window, go to Tools / Options. Under Privacy Settings, select “Allow calls from people in my Contact list only”.

This will allow only people you personally know and trust to call you on Skype.


Microsoft Office 365

30 October 2011

At the end of June 2011, Microsoft launched its cloud service  office 365

This is a subscription model starting at £4 per user per month which includes:

1. Exchange online – a massive 25GB mailbox for your emails (in hosted exchange)
This will work with almost any email program out there (e.g. Outlook, Entourage, Windows Mail) and keep a contact backup of incoming mail, sent mail, filed mail, contacts, calendar and tasks.
It will also work with most phones / devices – Android, Iphone, Ipad Windows phones and Blackberry to name a few.
The wonderful thing about hosted exchange is that whatever you do on one device will then appear on all your other devices.
So if you create a contact on your phone, it will seamlessly appear in Outlook, if you file an email in Outlook, it will be filed on your Ipad.
Everything you do is constantly backed up and there is a wonderful webmail with look and feel of Outlook 2010.

2. Office professional plus – you get access to Word, PowerPoint and Excel online. You can collaboratively work on documents with other users and word on any device even if it does not have office installed.

3. Sharepoint online – an intranet for your company allowing you to easily share information and documents with your colleagues.

4. Lync online – professional video conferencing.




Amazon Lockers

30 October 2011

Credit to Amazon – what a fantastic idea!

For those of us that love to order online, but can’t wait all day for the postman to arrive, Amazon have now got a new way to get your items to you without relying on collection from the sorting office!

Amazon lockers

Amazon Lockers 2


Ninite- keep you PC apps updated

30 October 2011

A great site for those that like to install various programs on their PC and keep them up to date: