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Stop unwanted post to “The Occupier”

23 November 2011

It says:

Companies should not be allowed to circumvent the Mail Preference Service by sending Unsolicited Commercial Mail addressed to either “The Occupier” or “The Householder”. Commercial Mail senders should also be required to provide a reply-paid envelope so that recipients can opt out from receiving it. The opt out has to be honoured by the sender within 28 days, and the address tagged so that no further mail shots are sent to that address. As an additional benefit, reducing the number of unwanted commercial mailings will save money for Local Councils who will not have to use landfill or recycling utilities to dispose of millions of bits of unwanted paper each week.


another email scam

6 November 2011

How’s your day going? I hope things are going well. Please I need you to help me out with something. Can I get a loan from you urgently? I`ll reimburse you under a week, I promise. I need to solve some personal problems at hand which have been giving me worries. I’d also prefer if we discuss this through email as I’m presently in Madrid, Spain for a friend’s funeral. I’m sorry if I didn’t inform you about it, but please try and understand. I had to leave in a hurry on-hearing that the date of her burial was re-scheduled & it seems I can’t access my credit card & bank here in Madrid. I`ll let you know how much I need if you are willing to assist me.



Please watch out for these scams. someone hacks into an email account of a person that you know and then sends this kind of email out to the all contacts in the address book.

The best way to deal with this is to try and call the person directly (or text message) to tell them you think someone has hacked into their email account.