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Exploring old websites

8 December 2011

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Dealing with theft

8 December 2011

In the last 10 years I can only remember four clients whose laptops were stolen – two from the boot of a car and two from a house burglary. It is an extremely violating experience, since a laptop can contain your whole life – photos, e-mails, family history, various banking details, other aspects of personal finances, information about property etc etc. If you do not have a backup of your data, it compounds the disaster.

It is dreadful to think what a thief might do with a laptop. Will the thief just sell immediately? Or is there a risk that the data is interrogated? This uncertainty alone is traumatic.

There are ways to prevent your exposure should your laptop or Ipad or telephone be stolen.


There are so many backup solutions out there, there is no excuse!
Offsite backup is best: have a look at Carbonite or Dropbox or Sugarsync.

2. Improve your home security

At home you could prevent burglaries by installing and alarm, CCTV, and properly checking who is at your door with a door entry phone / camera.

3. Always protect your device with a password.

Although this can be cracked it is certainly a deterrent and will often lead the thief to simply wipe device before using or selling it. You may also want to consider setting up a BIOS password – this will add a second password to your laptop

4. Consider encryption

If you password protect you data using something like truecrypt, you can rest easy.

5.  Move your e-mail to office 365

This keeps a complete backup of your data and can be erased from a device remotely.

6. Store all your passwords in a dedicated program

There a plenty of password software packages that are designed to work on all devices, one example is 1password which will share data between devices using dropbox.

7. Store your notes in encrypted format

A note taking device live Evernote works on all kinds of devices and offers encrypted notes with password protection.

8. Install remote access software

Software like Logmein, this could give you remote access to your computer if it is online and active.

 9. Install dedicated stolen device software

There are now dedicated applications that have been created to help track stolen devices. Have a look at prey, theftaware, or LoJack

10. If you are on Apple Setup iCloud

If you have a Mac or an iPad when Iphone simply upgrade to the latest version and then activate icloud. This can help track your Apple devices or wipe them remotely.

If you would like any advice on any of these points, we would love to hear from you.

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