Digitising your movies – DVD Ripping

Digitising music has become very popular. People are trashing their CD’s and keeping them on laptops, desktops, Tablets, mobile phones and MP3 players.

This saves space and allows you to carry a massive music collection with you wherever you are.

A similar concept can be carried out with your DVD collection with a process called “DVD Ripping”.

Digitising your movie collection has the following advantages:

1. Trash your DVD’s – save space

2. Trash your DVD player

3. Carry a large movie collection with you on the move e.g. on a Tablet such as an IPAD

4. A media box such as BOXEE will change your move viewing experience by collating your movies for viewing on a large television. It  offers movie summaries, trailers, ratings and various subtitles.

The process of transferring a DVD to a computer is called “DVD Ripping” and is done using software like AISEESOFT DVD RIPPER – A license costs approx $30 and purchase link for PC here and purchase link for MAC here.

I have only recently tested this software (there is such a wide-range to choose from) and it seems to be very user-friendly and offers optimal outputs for different devices such as an IPAD.

As you can see in my example, it is choosing to export a DVD as an AVI file for viewing on an XBOX 360. There are a wide range of choices here such as MP4 format for IPAD.

Happy digitising! (I prefer that term to Ripping!)


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