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Blackberry does not offer to “Send” new mails

24 April 2012

I have found some Blackberries where “Send” option is only available when replying to an email.

The solution to restoring “Send” for new emails is as follows:

1. In the message view, select options>general options.

2. Set the “Show recent contacts when composing email” to “no”. exit and save.

3.Try testing a new mail
When testing please note that you need to enter an email address or something that looks like an email address like, the scroll down to subject before trying out the Blackberry key.

4. If this does not work, toggle it back to “yes” and try again and then back to “no” and try once more!



Internet Explorer 9 – stop asking about add-ons!

24 April 2012

Those who use IE 9 will be familiar with this message coming up at the bottom of their browser:

It is possible to turn this off by following these steps:

1. On the top right corner of IE9, click “Tools”, then “Toolbars” and then “Disable add-ons”


2. Find the add-ons that IE is talking about and either disable it or extend the time IE will allow it to take before a pop-up will appear:

3. Click on the drop-down to increase the time allowed e.g. to 1 second

4. Click Done

5. Close IE and the restart it

The popup should no longer appear!

Adding a graphic signature to GMAIL

24 April 2012

If you want to add a graphic signature to email you can’t simply copy and paste the graphic into the signature box – you need to post the image to a third party service like  and then link to it.

Here is a step by step guide:

1. Login to your GMAIL account and then go to Settings

2. Under General, you will see the Signature option:

Above the Signature box you will see an icon (where the arrow is pointing to above) which will allow you to insert an image from a URL as shown below:

3. In order to proceed, visit any image hosting service such as  and upload the relevant image:

4. After browsing for your image and clicking Upload Now, you will get the following:

5. The final step is to copy and then paste the direct link into the add image URL box and then you have your signature.


23 April 2012

In March 2012, Apple launched the IPAD 3

It looks just like to IPAD 2   – so what is the difference?


1.    The screen – substantially higher resolution than IPAD 2
This is a truly noticeable difference jumping from 768×1024 pixels to a ground-breaking 1,536×2,048 – text and images are now extremely sharp that you cannot see any pixels.

2.    5-megapixel rear camera

3.    Faster processor

4.    You can dictate to the IPAD 3 with Siri Dictate



1.    The cost is higher than an IPAD 2

2.    Approximately 10% heavier (652 grams vs 601 grams)

3.    Battery life is not as long – approx. 20% less battery life to feed the new screen!

4.    New apps designed to benefit from the IPAD 3 screen are significantly larger so you need more storage. Do not even consider the 16GB version! For example, the imovie app rockets from 70MB to a massive 404MB!

The screen is the biggest reason to switch to IPAD 3. If this is not that important to you, save some money with an IPAD 2.

iTwin – keep documents synced between computers

22 April 2012

Quite recently there has been a rave about iTwin  – a USB device that you connect to two computers resulting is a shared documents link. Without the device you cannot see the documents.
This interesting concept is in some ways comparable to other cloud sync programs like dropbox and sugarsync.

Many have raved about this product and it has got good ratings. The biggest argument in favour is to save on annual subscription fees to cloud services like dropbox.

Personally, I will not be recommending the device to my clients. I think all users would be better off with a cloud service even if there is an annual fee.

My reasons:

1.    iTwin does not keep track of document versions.

2.    iTwin does not directly act as a backup service, so if you want to use it as such you need to at the very least keep two computers constantly on and locate in totally different locations.

3.    With iTwin you always need to use a dongle. In all honesty, with the cloud, we should be not be carrying around more devices!

4.    iTwin is limited to approx. 20 computers.

So who is iTwin good for? One example that I can think of is someone who has at least two computers with large hard disk space in different locations with MASSES amount of data and wants to ensure that the data is not accessible without the dongle. In this case iTwin would be excellent since it does not charge extra for more storage.

The accidental GMAIL hack

22 April 2012

A few days ago I accidentally hacked into someone’s GMAIL account!

I had previously created a new GMAIL account and noted down the address in my notes incorrectly.

When I tried to login to the account that I thought I have created it kept telling me that the password was incorrect (naturally since I was not accessing the account I had created!). I decided that perhaps I had noted down the password incorrectly and I tried the “Forgotten” password option.

The recovery options looked strange, but I proceeded to enter “blue” to the question of favourite colour and it gave me full access to the account and asked me to change the password. Very quickly I noticed that it was not my account!!!! I was flustered …not only had I hacked into someone’s account, but what on earth was the account I had created??? I was particularly concerned since I had created a Google Checkout account using that email address – this involves revealing a fair amount of financial records and I did not want to lose that to an unknown gmail account.  

The account I hacked into had a recovery email address, so I changed the password for the account once again and emailed the recovery email address with an apology and with the password.

Eventually, I discovered with the help of a “forgotten username” feature, that there was one letter difference between the account I created and the account I had accidentally hacked into.

I search on Google for “I accidentally hacked a gmail account” gives over 1 million results! This has happened many times before. WHY???? Since people are giving very simple “Recovery Questions” with easily guessable answers.

If you have a GMAIL account, my recommendation is to login and check your recovery details. Give them an alternative email address and your mobile number and change you recovery question to something more complex than a favourite colour!