iTwin – keep documents synced between computers

Quite recently there has been a rave about iTwin  – a USB device that you connect to two computers resulting is a shared documents link. Without the device you cannot see the documents.
This interesting concept is in some ways comparable to other cloud sync programs like dropbox and sugarsync.

Many have raved about this product and it has got good ratings. The biggest argument in favour is to save on annual subscription fees to cloud services like dropbox.

Personally, I will not be recommending the device to my clients. I think all users would be better off with a cloud service even if there is an annual fee.

My reasons:

1.    iTwin does not keep track of document versions.

2.    iTwin does not directly act as a backup service, so if you want to use it as such you need to at the very least keep two computers constantly on and locate in totally different locations.

3.    With iTwin you always need to use a dongle. In all honesty, with the cloud, we should be not be carrying around more devices!

4.    iTwin is limited to approx. 20 computers.

So who is iTwin good for? One example that I can think of is someone who has at least two computers with large hard disk space in different locations with MASSES amount of data and wants to ensure that the data is not accessible without the dongle. In this case iTwin would be excellent since it does not charge extra for more storage.


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