The accidental GMAIL hack

A few days ago I accidentally hacked into someone’s GMAIL account!

I had previously created a new GMAIL account and noted down the address in my notes incorrectly.

When I tried to login to the account that I thought I have created it kept telling me that the password was incorrect (naturally since I was not accessing the account I had created!). I decided that perhaps I had noted down the password incorrectly and I tried the “Forgotten” password option.

The recovery options looked strange, but I proceeded to enter “blue” to the question of favourite colour and it gave me full access to the account and asked me to change the password. Very quickly I noticed that it was not my account!!!! I was flustered …not only had I hacked into someone’s account, but what on earth was the account I had created??? I was particularly concerned since I had created a Google Checkout account using that email address – this involves revealing a fair amount of financial records and I did not want to lose that to an unknown gmail account.  

The account I hacked into had a recovery email address, so I changed the password for the account once again and emailed the recovery email address with an apology and with the password.

Eventually, I discovered with the help of a “forgotten username” feature, that there was one letter difference between the account I created and the account I had accidentally hacked into.

I search on Google for “I accidentally hacked a gmail account” gives over 1 million results! This has happened many times before. WHY???? Since people are giving very simple “Recovery Questions” with easily guessable answers.

If you have a GMAIL account, my recommendation is to login and check your recovery details. Give them an alternative email address and your mobile number and change you recovery question to something more complex than a favourite colour!


One Response to “The accidental GMAIL hack”

  1. helloself Says:

    i just did the same thing mistakedly which i didn’t know was even possible

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