In March 2012, Apple launched the IPAD 3

It looks just like to IPAD 2   – so what is the difference?


1.    The screen – substantially higher resolution than IPAD 2
This is a truly noticeable difference jumping from 768×1024 pixels to a ground-breaking 1,536×2,048 – text and images are now extremely sharp that you cannot see any pixels.

2.    5-megapixel rear camera

3.    Faster processor

4.    You can dictate to the IPAD 3 with Siri Dictate



1.    The cost is higher than an IPAD 2

2.    Approximately 10% heavier (652 grams vs 601 grams)

3.    Battery life is not as long – approx. 20% less battery life to feed the new screen!

4.    New apps designed to benefit from the IPAD 3 screen are significantly larger so you need more storage. Do not even consider the 16GB version! For example, the imovie app rockets from 70MB to a massive 404MB!

The screen is the biggest reason to switch to IPAD 3. If this is not that important to you, save some money with an IPAD 2.


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