Favourite Apps

Many people still ask me “What is a App?”.

An app (short for “application”) is simply a program or software that you use on a “portable device”.  By portable device, I mean a “smart phone” (Primarily referring to an iPhone or Google Android phone) OR a “tablet” (primarily referring to an iPad or Android tablet).

An example of an App many of us use on our smart phones will be a sat nav application, or possibly a social networking app like twitter or facebook.

You will notice that I do not mentioned “Blackberry” or “Windows smart phone” or similar devices. Sadly, in my opinion, these devices are falling way behind in variety of apps available – iPhone and Android are leagues ahead at the time of writing this blog.

Here are some favorite apps of mine that I use on a daily basis:

One of the key requirements for any App these days is that it “syncs with the cloud”, so that whenever you login to your app of a different device, all the relevant information will be there.

1.    Evernote

A fantastic note taker – you can take notes on a tablet or phone and see then on your computer, or even in a web browser. Notes can be written, photos / images and recordings.
It also allows you to password protect notes.

2.    WhatsApp

Unfortunately some mobile providers still charge extortionate amounts  to send text messages (SMS) – a local text message can be 10p and sending one abroad can go above 20 or 30p  a message! WhatsApp is a completely free messaging system. What is more, it can let you message photos and sound clips. It does not limit a message size and you can have a group of people on one message which is fantastic for a group discussion / conversation.

3.     MyFittnessPal

If you are looking to lose / gain weight – this is a great way to keep a diary of your calorie intake and any exercises you do. It helps to manage calorie intake by setting targets based on your desired weight and educates you more about what you are eating. There is a huge food / exercise database – all you need to do is enter the number of portions you have consumed and it even has a bar-code scanner.

4.    Words with Friends

A great social game of scrabble – you play a move against a friend and you are notified when your friend has made their move.

Raising money for charity

If you found this blog useful, please help me raise funds for Norwood by sponsoring me. In October 2012 I will be cycling 400KM in Sri Lanka for Norwood. Every day, they provide vital support to thousands of people with learning disabilities, and children and families in need, helping them to improve the quality of their lives and achieve their goals.

Thank you!


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