Protect your children with parental controls

Google is NOT for kids!

As your child starts showing an interest in computers and typing there is a massive world out there that they may become exposed to. We see children as young as 2 using computers and tablets (like iPads).

Their exposure to the Internet really needs to be carefully monitored!

We believe that Google is completely unsuitable for children. A totally innocent search from a child could lead them down a completely different alley than the one they intended. For example a search for “toys for boys” will typically result in genuine children’s toys but may also end up sending your son to a sex toy shop!!!

And the risks do not stop at porn. The Internet is filled with violence, racism, terrorism, suicide sites, gambling, social network bullying, financial scams and so on.

Recently a 12-year-old boy from Liverpool borrowed his father’s credit card and lost £7000 of his father’s money on a poker site.

Having said all this, there is also a huge amount of positive material to be found online that your children can benefit from.

What can parents do about this?

First off, change the home page and search engine on your browser to something you trust. A parent recommended me which looks like a great portal for children with properly filtered searches. Friedman IT clients can contact us for help you change your Internet Browser home page.

It is also very important to introduce parental controls to the computer. We currently recommend one excellent product to do the job effectively: K9 Web Protection which is totally free – please contact us for help in installing these types of parental controls.

What do Parental controls do exactly? – quite simply, they block inappropriate websites with sexual, violent, racist, gambling, drugs and other nasty categories. If you want to override the block, this is simple with a password that you set. You can then unlock restrictions for a time period e.g. 5 minutes or several hours.

Here are some claims from the cyberpatrol website:

• 72% of kids don’t tell their parents what they do online

• 61% admit using the Internet unsafely or inappropriately

• 55% have given out personal information to a stranger

• 12% met in person with someone they first met online

• Nearly 50% have been bullied online

Good luck keeping your children safe from the Internet! With the right tools, this should be simple.

Raising money for charity

If you found this blog useful, please help me raise funds for Norwood by sponsoring me. In October 2012 I will be cycling 400KM in Sri Lanka for Norwood. Every day, they provide vital support to thousands of people with learning disabilities, and children and families in need, helping them to improve the quality of their lives and achieve their goals.

Thank you!


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