Watch your data allowance!

Most of has have been there.

The mobile phone bill arrives, you open it up and MAJOR SHOCK!
“how on earth! That can’t be right!”
“but I don’t use my phone that much just for emails?”

Sadly, data allowances tend to be low in the UK and charges for going above your allowance are ridiculously high.

Only recently, mobile phone companies are starting to give customers some help with special bundles like Orange’s “out of bundle bundle” and Three’s “goodbye out of bundle data charges”.

The reason we do not appreciate how much data we use is that there are all kinds of apps running in the background that are using data but they do not indicate how much! For example: weather (updating regularly without you realising), share prices, Twitter, WhatApp, Internet browsing, email (always checking in background), YouTube, online games etc.

Unlike a telephone call which can be identified by a date, duration of call and number that was called, data downloaded cannot be identified and reports on data usage from mobile phone providers are baffling.

There are three solutions to tackle this problem:

1. Contact your mobile phone provider.
Ask them if they can text you when you reach your data allowance limit. If not, ask them if they have any bundles to protect you when you go over your data allowance.

2. Keep your phone connected to wifi – it uses more battery life but as long as you are connected to a wifi connection you will have faster download speeds and your data allowance will not be used.

3. Use an APP to monitor your data allowance usage – we recommend Onavo which is an excellent tool and very easy to use.


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Thank you!


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