Destroy your old hard disk drive

Many of us have old desktops lying around in the house (perhaps it has been unused for years or you have just upgraded!).

We are nervous to give the machine away (quite frankly the old ones are almost worthless) because of all the precious data on there – AND RIGHTLY SO!

Even if you think you have deleted your data, the chances are that it can be restored unless the data is securely deleted with a utility like CCLEANER

One easy and quick option is to remove the hard disk from your desktop and keeping it in a draw for safe keeping. You can then dispose of the desktop (or recycle) without risk of your data falling into other peoples’ hands. Also, keeping the hard disk, acts as a backup of your data from the day you last used the computer.

We always recommend labelling a hard disk e.g. “Desktop July 2012″ with a permanent marker and once you are satisfied that you no longer need the data as a backup, you can destroy the hard disk.

Here are some useful YouTube videos on how to remove a hard disk from a desktop:

and to remove a hard disk from a laptop:

When you are completely sure that you no longer need a hard disk you can destroy it!

This can be done by knocking a nail through the drive or

We find this video really informative at the start: 


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