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29 January 2014

In 2013, a new type of virus was released. Called Cryptolocker, this virus represents malicious greed.

In December 2013 it was reported to have affected about 250,000 computers worldwide.

This virus is reported to be triggered by clicking a link in an email and once triggered it encrypts all the files on your computer and attached devices. To access these files you need to provide payment through the notorious bitcoin (as opposed to a credit card payment which could then be easily traced and reversed).

Paying to release your data does not always work and giving in to these people will only encourage more of the same. 

Friedman IT have only worked on one computer infected by this virus which was simple to remove but it was only thanks to adequate remote backup such as Carbonite that we were able to restore all the data without loss.

If there is one thing we can encourage readers to implement for 2014, remote backup is it. 



29 January 2014

Last week Logmein decided to give one week’s notice to users of a change in their existing sales strategy. Everyone using logmein Free (which is a service they have provided for about a decade), Here is their blog announcement.

It seems to me that someone on the board decided its time to bring in some serious revenue, but giving a week’s notice to me seems far to short. Surely it should have been a few months?

Many of the clients Friedman IT support have their own logmein account and we use this to connect and support.

As a result of this sudden announcement, Friedman IT Solutions has  purchased a subscription to Logmein Central to support our clients. Over the coming year we will be evaluating alternatives to see what other products are out there.

Some alternatives we have been impressed by are:

Screen Connect

Team Viewer

We found this article very useful.