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Checking Latest Software Versions

27 February 2011

Lately we have been testing a “software inspector” called Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector).

It works on any version of windows analyzing every piece of software installed. It then tells you what needs updating.

I have not find it to be the easiest software to work with but it is very useful and totally free.


Electricity abroad

21 July 2010

For those traveling abroad this summer, this could be a very useful site to visit:

Windows 7 – no stock and shares gadget

11 November 2009

Well Windows 7 is here and I am finally testing it.

First thing I noticed was missing is the shares gadget that I had in Vista.

The best replacement I can find is Stock Board which is probably a better gadget but harder to find symbols since you need to refer to Yahoo Finance for all symbols rather than offering a search facility.