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How to replace a key that came out of your laptop keyboard

28 April 2009

Replacing a key from a laptop keyboard can be a little tricky, but as long as the parts have not been broken, it should be possible.

The best way to proceed is to gently lift the top part of the neigbouring key and copy exactly what you see.

The trick is to assemble the lower plastic in place before snapping the key on top. In some unusual cases, a small screw driver might come in handy to straighten the metal hooks on the keyboard base.

Here you will find a very useful web link with photos on how to replace the key.  Good luck and be patient!


Google is NOT for kids!

29 January 2009

As your child starts showing an interest in computers and typing there is a massive world out there that they may become exposed to.

This exposure really needs to be carefully monitored.

For example, I contend that Google is completely unsuitable for children. A totally innocent search like “games for boys” could lead them down a completely different alley. What can parents do about this?

First off, change the home page and search engine on your browser to something you trust. A parent recommended me which looks like a great portal for children with properly filtered searches.

It is also very important to introduce parental controls to the computer. I realise these can be a pain, but surely it is worth it rather than expose your children to all sorts of nastiness hidden on the Internet.

For a shares computer, the easiest way to implement child controls is to make new users for each person – this is done from Control Panel.

Parental controls – these can prevent certain types of website from appearing without an override code (different levels can be set by the administrator). They can also be used to set a daily and weekly limit of time allowed for browsing.

Windows Vista parental controls are free -simply click start and type “parental control” and follow on from there.

Windows XP parental controls do not exist and I recommend

Any Internet filter will need some adaptive training for what is and is not allowed to be viewed.

Here are some claims from the cyberpatrol website:
•    72% of kids don’t tell their parents what they do online
•    61% admit using the Internet unsafely or inappropriately
•    55% have given out personal information to a stranger
•    12% met in person with someone they first met online
•    Nearly 50% have been bullied online

Good luck keeping your children safe from the Internet! With the right tools, this should be simple.

Who wants a cookie?

22 January 2009

Earlier this week, I was asked what a cookie is….a “web cookie” that is and not the ones we like to munch on!

A cookie is a tiny text file generated by a website that you have visited or a weblink that you have clicked on. The cookie stores information like your username and desired settings for a webpage that you visit (e.g. for shopping), or it might store information on how you got to a webpage (this is called a tracking cookie).

Cookies are harmless – they are not spyware or viruses.

Typically cookies are used for the benefit of the computer user e.g. every time I visit my Google homepage, I can log straight into Google mail and I have a personalised Google webpage. This information is stored in a cookie.

For more information on a cookie, please visit

Free calls to mobiles abroad!

19 January 2009

Free calls from UK mobile to foreign mobiles abroad!

Up until last month, I always used to make calls to foreign mobiles using a special number.  It was annoying, sometimes costly, often poor quality requiring redials and as a result of the inconvenience I really lost touch with friends abroad.

In December I discovered an amazing mobile tariff with Orange Business called Solo 45. I would like to thank Deniz Aziz from YaketyYak for introducing me to this. Deniz can be contacted on 020 8457 3900 or 020 8202 2021.

I now make calls to mobiles and landlines abroad as if they are in the UK. The inclusive minutes are a very generous 1800 minutes a month (with roll over) and it is as easy as dialling anyone in the UK!

Here is the deal I signed up to:

1800 mins inclusive to 28 countries including Israel, France, USA, Russia, Hong Kong and China (full list below)
Carry over up to 3600 if not all minutes used
Free voicemail
Free orange care insurance (which is excellent)
200 text msgs (uk only)
Free bundle of either (a) 3000 landline mins (b) 3000 orange to orange or (c) 3000 text msgs
Free Nokia phone
4MB of data for web browsing, emails, weather or share updates
It is a two year contract (there are 18 months contract options also)
Note that the inclusive mins are only used when making calls FROM UK (not from outside the UK)

The contract is £45 per month + vat
After the third month, send the bill in and Deniz will send you a cheque for £360
So it works out to be £30+vat a month

Deniz also got me a memorable number with ease since I am using this phone as a dedicated one to call abroad and not to replace my existing number.

There are other variations of this contract, so I recommend speaking with Deniz directly.

Deniz can be contacted direct on 020 8457 3900 or main number is 020 8202 2021.

The inclusive countries in this contract are:

Hong Kong

HP printer causing crashes to Microsoft Word 2007

25 November 2008

A client of mine recent purchased an excellent HP Photosmart C7200 all in one printer. Soon after we realised that Word 2007 was crashing every time he closed a document!

There is no current solution for this problem, but HP are reported to be working on the problem. There is a work-around, which is annoying but works. It basically involves changing the default printer to something else.

Here is what Microsoft say about the issue:

Until a permanent solution is available, you can prevent this error from occurring again by temporarily changing your default printer settings. Here’s how to do this:

1. Start and then type “printers”. Then click “printers” above to open Printers.
2. Identify the default printer (the HP printer with a check mark in its icon).
3. Right-click any other non-HP printer listed and click Set as default printer.
4. If no other printers are listed, click Add a printer and follow the steps in the Add Printer wizard to set up a non-HP printer as the default printer on your computer.
5. Close the Printers window.
6. Open the Microsoft Office 2007 program you were using when the problem occurred and check to see if the problem has gone away. If it has not, then repeat the previous steps, making sure that a non-HP printer is selected as the default printer.
7. Try printing to your HP printer.
Until a solution to this problem is available, printing to your HP printer will require that you specify the printer each time you start a print job. The method for doing this will vary by program. Here are three common ways to do this:
o Within the program, click File, click Print, and then select your HP printer.
o Within the program, click Print, click Preferences, and then select your HP printer.
o Within the program, click File, click Print, click Page Setup, click Printers, and then select your HP printer. Website live

22 November 2008

I have now launched the website.

Please visit for some useful tricks and links.

The site will grow with time as will this blog.

Thanks for checking it out!