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Say no to 0870 numbers and free call 0800 from mobile

8 October 2009

Here are two money saving tips relating to phone calls:

0870 numbers are a complete con. They are very expensive to call from both landlines and mobiles.

For more information have a look at

The best form of action is to avoid dialing 0870 numbers when you can – try to dial a number published for overseas callers and otherwise try this great site to SAYNOTO0870 which will give you alternative numbers to call for all major companies.

Another con is that 0800 numbers are not free calls from mobile phones – in fact they are pretty expensive to dial!

A great new service is 0800 Buster which gives you a regular landline number to call from your mobile. Save this number in your mobile phonebook and then just dial the 0800 number after the service answers your call.