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Outlook data file problems

10 March 2009

Q: Hi – when I opened outlook today it told me that outlook — a data file — didn’t close properly last time

A: Sometimes, after you exit outlook, it can take 2 further minutes for it to completely shut down and only then you can shutdown the computer.


How do I use a USB memory stick?

23 February 2009

Q: How do i use a USB memory stick? (also called a disk on key)

A: If you ever used a floppy disk, USB sticks work in a very similar fashion with a few minor differences:

(a) A USB stick has far more capacity than a floppy,
(b) A USB  stick is more reliable and easier to carry around,
(c) A USB stick will never be the “a” drive like a floppy. Instead it will be a “d”, “e”, “f”, “g”, “h” or even “i” drive etc. depending on how many other drives you have.

Simply plug in the USB stick in to a USB port in your desktop or laptop and then wait until the device has self-installed (this can take a minute or two the first time you use the device in that particular USB port).

Then click on “My Computer”  and you will see a new drive appear (usually this will be “e” or “f”).

You will be able to save files to this new drive just like you did back in the days of the floppy (which was the “a” drive).

Mouse pointer keeps moving on laptop

23 February 2009

Q: My Mouse pointer keeps moving on my laptop.  Any idea why?

A: It always seems to be laptops that experience this issue and not desktops.

When I have experienced this in the past with clients, it has often been one of two things:

1.    While typing the user is inadvertently touching the mouse pad or mouse nipple without even realising. This is easy to do with a small cramped laptop where the keyboard is positioned in front of the mouse pad.

2.    The touch pad or mouse nipple on the laptop is damaged, with some form of pressure causing the pointer to move.

One solution to the problem is to disable the on-board mouse and work off an external one – which is probably healthier and more natural for your hand.

Can’t see any toolbars in Internet Explorer

28 November 2008

Q.My computer is slightly ill as, in Internet Explorer I seem to have lost the lower toolbar and all the upper toolbars also!

A: In Internet Explorer, Try clicking F11 which is the the top right hand side of the keyboard.

Internet explorer has a “full-screen” function to hide all toolbars and maximise your view of the webpage. To get to this view, you press F11. Similarly, to exit this view, you press F11 again!

Web links in Outlook emails don’t go to IE

27 November 2008


For an unknown reason Web Addresses included in an e.mail when clicked default to Safari and not to Microsoft Internet Explorer? Can we change this new default back?


First off, if you don’t want Safari, the chances are it got installed with an itunes update. I suggest removing it from Control Panel using “Add/Remove”.

Secondly, you need to change the “Default Browser” setting in Windows.

If you have Internet Explorer 7, here is what to do:

Run Internet Explorer

Click “Tools” and then click ” Internet Options”

Click on “advanced” and you will see the following window shown on the left hand side.

Click “Reset Web Settings” at the bottom.

Then click on “Programs” tab at the top.

You will see a windows like the one shown below.

Click the option on the top “Make Default”

Then Click “Set Programs” at the bottom (and you may then see another option titled “Set Default programs”).

Click to select Microsoft Outlook, and then click Set this program as default.

Click “OK”, and then close the Default Programs dialog box.

Finally, click “OK”and hopefully it will solve the problem.

If you are still on Internet Explorer 6, here i
1. Start Internet Explorer 6.
2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
3. Click the Programs tab, and then click the Reset Web Settings button.
4. Under Internet programs, verify that the correct e-mail program is selected.
5. Click to select the Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser check box.
6. Click Apply, and then click OK.

If you see an option to “Reset Web Settings” then click this.

If this does not solve the problem and you see an error like “Operation canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.Contact your system administrator” then the registry may have a corrupt key. The solution to this problem is more technical an

d may require a technician to assist.

Here are two links that can help:;en-us;310049

Gmail swallows as I type

22 November 2008

Typing emails in Gmail – letters were missing

I noticed a googlemail user having difficulty typing his emails.

As he was typing, letters seemed to be missing or swallowed up.

Typing was working fine in Word and other Internet applications.

The quick solution to this is to click on “Select older version” on the top right.

Going back to the older version of goolge seems to solve the problem.

unfortunately, I did not get a chance to investigate the problem in more depth to find another solution..but I hope this solution will help some people experiencing the same problem!