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Weaning off AOL

10 March 2009

For those looking to wean off AOL, a good step is to move to Gmail.

It keeps mails online and will also check your AOL incoming mail.

You can set up to five email accounts in Gmail under “Settings”, “Accounts nd Import” and then click on “Add POP 3 email account”. All you need is the email address and password (and is some cases, the incoming mail server).

Using IMAP within outlook, you can also import all your emails into the Gmail account by dragging them from one mailbox to another.


AOL personal filing cabinet

18 February 2009

If you have AOL, you must consider backing up any data stored on your pc. This includes emails and favourites which are not backed up on AOL.

The locations of these files are difficult to find and I am appalled by AOL for this.

To view your AOL personal filing cabinet, you need to view hidden files first.

To unhide these files and system files:

First, you need unhide hidden and system folders.

1. Double click My Computer (or Computer in Vista)
2. Click Tools, Folder Options
3. Click the View tab
4. Scroll down and select“Show hidden files and folders” and untick “Hide Protected Operating System Files”

Remember to reverse later on, to prevent accidental deletion of important computer files.

Then, the personal filing cabinet is located in a folder called “Organize”.

In XP, this folder is located somewhere like:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AOL\C_AOL9.0a\organize

In Vista, this folder is located somewhere like:
C:\Users\All Users\Application Data\AOL\C_AOL9.0\organize
or C:\ProgramData\AOL\AOL\C_AOL9.0\organize

I highly recommend backing this up with an offsite backup like carbonite.