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Blackberry does not offer to “Send” new mails

24 April 2012

I have found some Blackberries where “Send” option is only available when replying to an email.

The solution to restoring “Send” for new emails is as follows:

1. In the message view, select options>general options.

2. Set the “Show recent contacts when composing email” to “no”. exit and save.

3.Try testing a new mail
When testing please note that you need to enter an email address or something that looks like an email address like, the scroll down to subject before trying out the Blackberry key.

4. If this does not work, toggle it back to “yes” and try again and then back to “no” and try once more!



Blackberry sync issues

27 February 2011

Often we are faced with Blackberry cable sync issues with Outlook.

There are two things in particular to avoid:

1. Always ensure that your contacts have at least a name or company name. While Outlook will let you have a contact without a name, Blackberries cannot deal with that!

2. If your contacts have email addresses, ensure that the “email” field is populated before “email 2”. Similarly, ensure “email 2” is populated before using “email 3”. Once again, Outlook can allow you to have “email 2” without “email” being filled in, but Blackberries do not cope with this logic.

For more information on point 2, see this article to see how to scan your contacts for this issue.

Personally, I think RIM (Blackberry) should make their phone software more malleable and mirror the capabilities of Outlook. People use Outlook in all sorts of ways and RIM should take this into account.