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Internet Explorer 9 – stop asking about add-ons!

24 April 2012

Those who use IE 9 will be familiar with this message coming up at the bottom of their browser:

It is possible to turn this off by following these steps:

1. On the top right corner of IE9, click “Tools”, then “Toolbars” and then “Disable add-ons”


2. Find the add-ons that IE is talking about and either disable it or extend the time IE will allow it to take before a pop-up will appear:

3. Click on the drop-down to increase the time allowed e.g. to 1 second

4. Click Done

5. Close IE and the restart it

The popup should no longer appear!


Google Cloud Print

13 March 2011

Latest versions of Google Chrome now offer “Google Cloud Print”.

Go to options, and the “Under the Hood”. Right at the bottom you can enable Google Cloud Print.

This allows you to add printers that then become available to you over the cloud through any device that has google.

e.g. you can print off a page in Chrome while in the office and it will appear at home (providing computer at home is on)

This also applies to gmail and google docs

From mobile phones you can print using print option on the top right hand corner

For more information, see this article.

Firefox Sync and Google Sync

13 March 2011

The latest version of Firefox 4 RC1 offers Sync option under Options.

The sync works very well.

These days many of us use more than one computer and this allows you to reach your bookmarks, history, saved passwords, preferences and TABS on multiple computers/

Google Chrome also offers a similar feature within Options, Personal Stuff, Sync

Edit custom dictionary in Firefox

13 March 2011

I just added a word to the custom dictionary in Firefox and then realised that I added a misspelling!

Thanks to this blog article I managed to edit the custom dictionary.

The location in Windows 7 is


Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\ApplicationData\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[unique-alphanumeric-string].default\persdict.dat

Mac OS X

~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/[unique-alphanumeric-string].default/persdict.dat